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PWstudio V3

PWstudio pattern design software for apparel increases productivity and saves time and space.

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Produce professional patterns for apparel 

  • design with ease using built-in flat pattern manipulation  
  • access sloper and symbol libraries you can build upon 
  • digitize to make pattern entry a breeze 
  • copy instantly what you did before - you don’t have to start over
  • build design libraries for each show, season or client
  • easily size garments
  • calculate yardage/meters for full scale pattern layouts - you'll know how much fabric you need
  • print to printers and plotters
  • minimize and maximize design storage - no more volumes of paper patterns to store
  • and best of all, PWstudio increases your productivity and saves time
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PWstudio takes a small footprint but leaves a big impression. 

PWstudio V3 is affordable apparel design software that’s flexible, intuitive and easy to use. Since it was developed by a garment designer, it is intuitive to your needs. You can even design on your laptop. Add a wide carriage printer and/or a roll-up digitizer and you have a complete pattern design studio in a very small space. 



PWstudio takes you through the whole design process...


From the style sketch, to pattern design, to grading and more. Design with any size sloper, customize client grade rules, create technical drawings for garment construction, and diagram sample production.

PWstudio V3 is perfect for the professional garment designer or costumer, the independent pattern company, the sewn product entrepreneur, or apparel design educator and student.

PWstudio V3 has an extensive sloper library for men, women, children, and now infants in a wide range of sizes. You can input your existing pattern masters with the use of a digitizer, or we can do it for you. You can digitize in your draped fabric patterns too. We have improved many of the slopers and their documentation. The slopers, with specs and diagrammed grade rules, are documented in a menu-accessible and printable PDF document.

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PWstudio V3 has more symbols, libraries, templates, sample drawings, and tutorial master drawings, all built in! You can customize the libraries with your own additions.

PWstudio V3 grades easily and quickly: any grade rule, any pattern shape to any number of sizes placed on separate layers. Grading does NOT require determining the X and Y coordinates of each corner - it’s so much easier. Grading and altering now has both straight and diagonal grade lines to accommodate irregular pattern shapes. We have greatly improved the function and range of the grading command. Sample grade rule diagrams are included in the sloper library documentation.

Cutting layouts can be created on your choice of fabric diagrams with your patterns. In addition to fabric utilization, PWstudio V3 determines fabric length and calculates the yards and meters in an instant.

Saving your files as DWG and DXF files or as PDFs, allows you to share your files. Integrate your work with your favorite software programs using import and export raster files.

PWstudio V3 comes with an electronic User’s Guide, which contains a number of exercises, which will get you up and running quickly. Our printed and classroom-tested PWstudio Workbook, available with our workshops, gets the CAD novice quickly oriented. Educators praise this workbook as a classroom textbook! 

As always, PWstudio V3 comes with the great technical support you have come to expect from PWstudio, LLC. 

You can try PWstudio V3 for 30 days with our fully functional trial copy. Order now and discover what PWstudio V3 can do for you. Questions? Contact us.